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Important information about Instagram Report Bot.

Our most used service at the moment is definitely Instagram Report Bot.

Before sending reports to users on Instagram, here is some information you need to know.

  • The user's profile must definitely not be officially approved. But if the user has meta verified, that is, received a blue tick by paying monthly, you can report this account.
  • The accounts to be reported should definitely not be ministries, country administrations, news channels profiles, singer profiles or profiles that take a more important role.
  • The number of followers of the account to be reported does not matter and we do not have a follower limit for the report.
  • It does not matter when the account of the user to be reported was opened.
  • The report process continues until the account of the user to be reported is closed.

The above information applies to all our platforms.
You agree to all of this before you start sending a report.